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Police Seek This Man in Strangling

As reported in the Bangor Daily News on March 23, 1965
by Bob Taylor

Have You Seen Him?

Police concentrated their efforts Monday in a search for a mysterious stranger who may have information in connection with the strangling last Thursday of a chambermaid at the Bangor House.

Officials said reports of a man seen in the hotel a short time before the crime was discovered provide the “best lead yet” in the five day investigation.

Mrs. Effie MacDonald, 54, a seven-year employee of the hotel, was discovered Thursday afternoon ravished and strangled with one of her own nylon stockings in a third floor room.

Investigators were armed Monday with a composite drawing which witnesses said was a fair likeness of a man seen under suspicious circumstances in the hotel Thursday afternoon.

He is described as being about five feet, 10 inches in height with a stocky build with brown hair and prominent brown eyes. He was further described as being in his thirties and wearing an open neck shirt with a brown jacket or short coat.

Witnesses all agreed that the stranger’s eyes were his most distinguished feature.

Police said Monday that the description and drawing could fit several known sex offenders in this area. All were being checked out Monday evening.

In the meantime, police continued to question a long list of persons who might possess some information in connection with the case. The number of persons already interrogated passed the 100 mark Monday.

Police admit that they are without any prime suspect in the case but say there are still a number of promising leads to be followed up.

Local investigators are still being assisted by two Massachusetts detectives who are assigned to a special “strangler unit” organized by the Massachusetts Attorney General. The sole assignment of the unit is to investigate 11 unsolved murders attributed to the “Boston Strangler.”

Although no definite link has been established between the Bangor slaying and the string of eastern Massachusetts murders, Bangor police said the Boston detectives have contributed valuable advice and assistance in the case.

SOURCE: Bangor Daily News, Bangor, Maine, March 23, 1965


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The Man That Bangor Police Believe Committed the Bangor Strangleing is Dead now but every year they would send a police officer or two to go and harass the man but he would never want to talk to them the man they said they knew that did it was a mortician in downeast maine I'm not going to reveal his name though but they won't do anything about it

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