Monday, December 3, 2007

Will 5 Maine Deaths Be Solved?

As reported in the Bangor Daily News on February 4, 1966

A remark by Attorney General Richard J. Dubord Monday in reference to solving crimes fits into Maine's crime picture, backed by statistics compiled over the past two years.

"Not all crimes can be solved, as everyone knows," Dubord said. The remark was made during an Augusta press conference at which the death of 14-year-old Cyrus Everett was announced as a homicide.

March 18 of last year, Mrs. Effie MacDonald, 54, was found strangled with one of her nylon stockings in an unoccupied Bangor hotel room. The incident raised speculation that the death could be tied in with Boston stranglings, many of the facts resembling the Massachusetts murders.

In four of the five cases, all termed by investigating officials as homicides, the victims died of head injuries. Mrs. MacDonald died of strangulation. Each incident, according to police is still under investigation.

The problems encountered in solving the five murders apparently stem from the lack of adequate proof. In each incident investigators say they have leads, but are lacking the facts to prove the crime to the satisfaction of legal minds who have the job of trying the cases.
SOURCE: Bangor Daily News, Bangor, Maine, February 4, 1966.


Anonymous said...

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rosemary said...

I'm interested in the murder investigation of Donna Mauch in Ft Fairfield.
A man bragged that he had killed her but his statements don't match the facts of the manner of death.
How do I get copies of newspaper reports regarding the police investigation or lack of investigation?
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Is it not true that Shirley Harrison helped solve the case of the missing Everett boy? I just got done reading her book physic search

shadechaser013 said...

How did she help with the investigation?(I haven't read her book). And what was the final ruling on the Cyrus Everett case?